‘LHHNY’ Season 6, Episode 9 Recap: Creep Squad’s Rich Dollaz & Cisco Fight? [WATCH]

‘LHHNY’ Season 6, Episode 9 Recap: Creep Squad’s Rich Dollaz & Cisco Fight? [WATCH]

Lookie, lookie here. I guess the creep squad has finally had enough of Cisco Rosado! Cisco Rosado has returned to the cast of Love and Hip Hop, and he has made quite a splash. After a lot of chaos, the season ended with Cisco admitting that the only reason he went after Mariah was to get even with Richie D for going after his ex, Diamond Strawberry. This season Cisco has returned with the intentions of making some amends. Making amends apparently meant making an apology to Mariah Lynn over what happened last year. Cisco offered Mariah a management opportunity with his new company, rightfully so Mariah said she would give it some thought, but did not reveal to Cisco that she was in the middle of dealing with her contracts with DJ Self. When Cisco told Rich about the possible business relationship, Rich reminded Cisco of the bro code. Needless to say, Self was NOT happy. After Self has Cisco locked out of the Power

Cisco Rosado Biography, Age, Girlfriend, Net worth and Credit

I found a new to my area bum wine recently Johnny Bootlegger It tasted like a melted strawberry jello shot from a day bender frat party Not bad Enstarz. Is diamond strawberry still dating cisco VH com I found a new to my area bum wine recently Johnny Bootlegger It tasted like a melted strawberry jello shot from a day bender frat party Not bad. Of love hip hop s tackiest love triangles videos. Cisco and diamond broke up and so he moved on to his next fauxlationship with mariah lynn.

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was already caught sleeping with Cisco’s ex-girlfriend, Diamond Strawberry, Yet, Cardi still tells Tommy that she’s hesitant about signing the papers and is.

Who does not know Cisco Rosado? He is also a famous producer, having previously worked with French Montana and Tank. There is so much that you need to know about Cisco Rosado. Continue to read on to find out more about Cisco Rosado net worth, career, relationship, kids, and personal life. Jennifer was a cast member of the TV series, Basketball Wives. Cisco Rosado with his ex-girlfriend Jennifer Williams. However, their relationship was somewhat complicated, and soon after the duo broke up publicly in front of millions of American watching the program.

Spoilers: Love and Hip Hop Episode 8

Moreover, he holds an American nationality and belongs to Puerto Rican ethnicity. Similarly, his birth sign is Cancer. Further, Cisco is too much close to her mother, Maggie who is very supportive. However, he has not disclosed much more information about his family background. Previously, he was in love affairs with Jennifer Williams.

But, due to some reason, their relationship does not last long and they broke up their relationship.

Cisco. – Two new mines are reported from this place, the Winner and the North Star, but The Diamond Creek Gold and Silver Mining Company has prospects of Davis Lloyd, Aurora, Strawberry, Vaughn, Orion, Lost Camp, Georgia Hill​.

If you were to tell me that you hate everybody on that show, I would not bat an eye and would continue drinking my Bulleit and ginger beer, neither shaken nor stirred. Amidst the fuckery, VH1 probably accidentally stumbled upon an education in both delivering and kinda, sorta overcoming bitchassness. Diamond was the true idiot here having pretended not to have a child in discussions with Cisco, which worked for her since she left her child in LA with her mother, which is close to El Segundo, where Q-Tip left his wallet.

This is problematic because Cisco and Rich are homeboys and comprise two-thirds of a group that calls itself The Creep Squad. Legendary actually sells them short. Enter bitchassness. Creep Squad and shit; bang who you bang. Assumption fail. See, Cisco is a bitchass. The thing about being a bitchass is that often, other people have no clue. Most bitchasses carry on day-to-day like normal without anybody being wiser.

Because bitchass.

What Is The Difference Between Dating And A Relationship

In the season finale, the couple made amends after having a rough storyline this season revealing that they are secret children and that Cisco was living a double life with his baby’s mother Tasha. Diamond seemed unenthused to do her confessional and even bashed herself as she took a look back at their encounter during their official break up talk, “Diamond you look like a god damn fool. Diamond told Cisco during their meeting that she hoped that could remain amicable, “I don’t want any bad blood between us.

I’m in New York, I’m not leaving, so I mean if we happen to see each other out The newest reality star says that her involvement on the show was a favor for her ex-boyfriend, Cisco, “This is not something I necessarily wanted.

Cisco met Miss Williams when she was still going through her divorce with NBA player, Currently, Cisco Rosado is dating Teairra, a member of the TV show who is an extreme alcoholic. Diamond Strawberry- ex-girlfriend.

And let me , don’t tell you thought of finding someone new. Instead, Cisco grows angry with Tasha’s idea of another child with his baby mama , Tasha, during their 6-month-old son. Check the clip above and tell us what you found,” Tasha tells Cisco. Don’t sleep with Diamond, it’s totally not. I don’t want you no more. Me moving in Long Island. Diamond grew frustrated, -. And He’s Starring In the New ChristianToday 5 years ago.


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Cisco.—Two new mines are reported from this place, the Winner and the North Star, The Diamond Creek Gold and Silver Mining Company has prospects of New Castle Gold, Rainbow, Davis Lloyd, Aurora, Strawberry, Vaughn, Orion, Lost​.

However, despite feeling two-timed by both the two guys, MariahLynn seemed to walk out of a bad situation at the right now. The moment she walked out, Rich and Cisco got into their own issues regarding Diamond Strawberry last season , which Rich admitted was a girl he never cared about. This sparked a fire in Cisco and caused him to lunge at his fellow creep. The two start fighting, and it looks like the Creep Squad is falling apart.

After the two are separated, Cisco tries to salvage what he could still have with MariahLynn. But it’s too late, she’s done. Meanwhile, Rich brings up the brawl between him and Cisco to third Creep Squad member Peter Gunz, who feels that they need to hash out their issues. Although they do refer to themselves as Creeps, they’re all really good friends.

So what does Peter do? Bring the three members of the squad together to talk it out–though we’ll need to find out what happens with this next week.

Cisco Rosado Can’t Let His Baby Mama Go (VIDEO) – Cisco

My eyes! Thanks a heap, Mona! Rich Dollaz is attending a photo shoot to check out up and coming artist Jhonni. What in the world is she wearing? Is Miley Cyrus her stylist? Rich reveals that he has history with Jhonni, and when he stopped hooking up with her, she tweeted out his phone number.

Cisco Rosado and Teairra Mari were in Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood() together. Key Dates. Key Dates. Dating, February, Separated.

There were lots of major announcements at DC FanDome Check out everything you missed in our news roundup. Read more. Recap of season 5 episode Rich and Diamond talk about their scene. Cisco reflects on the founding of the Creep Squad.

Cisco Rosado Sandwiched Between Girlfriends; Any Potential Wife Here?

Welcome back! On Monday Feb. Find out what else went down last night in the full episode recap below.

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Oh, and, of course, the females too. Rich and Cisco go at it and as much as they want to say it is not over Mariah Lynn, it is about her just as much as it is about what happen last year with Diamond Strawberry. Now, the creep squad hangs hard in the New York crew. He calls a meeting of the two and they talk out their problems. Yandy helps Remy get things together for her wedding, which is less than a month away. And while the rapper feels like the artist manager is doing too much, Yandy gives her some good advice about her mother.

But Yandy pulls on her personal experience with Mendeecees mom and tells her new friend that she has to fix things with her mother because she has to be at the wedding. So Remy does what her husband and Yandy suggest- talks to her mother. Her mom pays her a visit and shares that she decided not to attend the wedding because Remy was not the one to invite her.

Remy takes a significant step by personally inviting her mother to her wedding. They genuinely seem to be moving in the right direction. Continuing her journey of reconciliation, Remy reaches out to her friend Rah.

Is diamond strawberry still dating cisco

Rich wants to bury the beef and get the Creep Squad back on good terms, but Cisco is still intent on getting payback for when Rich dated Diamond Strawberry. Rich contends that he was trying to look out for Cisco and when he got word from Rah Ali that Cisco was seeing Mariah Lynn, he knew it was payback for Diamond Strawberry. But he also makes it aware that this scenario doesn’t constitute as payback, being that he doesn’t care for Mariah how Cisco appears to.

In a fit of frustration, Cisco pushes Rich and security intervenes. This leaves Rich in shock as he says he would never fight Cisco and looks at him as a brother. According to Rich, he was just trying to get him to see Mariah’s true colors.

Diamond Strawberry is a supporting cast member on season five of Love a serious relationship with producer Cisco Rosado, who she has been dating for two.

I tweeted Diamond to get her take on this fiasco. What do you think? Do you think Diamond Strawberry is a real model? Do you believe she was ever in a relationship with Cisco Rosado? Leave a comment below! Not to mention theres never normal everyday scenes with her in it, its always sine soap opera shit, never did I or have I questioned the authenticity of any off the characters til she came along!

Diamond Strawberry

Finding the right one isn’t as easy as it sounds. But before finding the one, the bumps on the road can always come handy in giving a lesson about love. However, Cisco went through awkward moment back in after he revealed about his fatherhood of second child to Diamond.

Diamond Strawberry has quickly become a household name in the world of I was dating a worthless fronting piece of crap named Cisco and he asked me to go What advice would you give to the mothers out there who still want to pursue.

That would be not to introducing her daughter to her then boyfriend, Cisco. Diamond spoke with Madame Noire Tuesday and said she is glad her now seven-year-old daughter never met Cisco. I kept it a secret because I loved him. I still love him. But I was just unsure of how far things were gonna go. I had been down this rocky road with her father so I kept them apart. But I should have told him.

She made it clear that she would never put Cisco over her daughter. Diamond also opened up about Cisco’s relationship with former Basketball Wives star Jennifer Williams.

Cisco Talks Diamond Strawberry, Cyn Santana, Mariahlynn, & More

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